Guard assures

Mitsubishi – Warranty provides ‘Peace of Mind Motoring’ to its owners

  • Your Mitsubishi vehicle is protected for up to 3 years or 1,00,000 kms which ever comes earlier against all reason of defective workmanship or defective material.
  • Removes unexpected and non-budgeted costs.
  • ‘Warranty’ is transferable, hence increase resale value.
  • Peace of Mind motoring.

Mitsubishi Peace of Mind Warranty Plan

You, as our esteemed customer, can rest assured that in the event of something going wrong within your 3 yrs / 1,00,000 kms which ever comes earlier  is covered under standard warranty plan.

Why do you need an Warranty?

Peace of mind motoring. You are free to enjoy your motoring without unexpected and non- budgeted expenses.

Warranty can be transferred to the new owner, whenever the vehicle is sold which gives higher resale value.

What is not covered ?

The replacement of routine service items and items subject to normal wear and tear. These items include, but are not restricted to oil filters, oils and fluids, fuel filters, air filters, spark plugs, wiper blades, clutch linings, brake discs, shock absorbers, brake pads and linings, drive belts, tie-rod ends, ball joints, hoses, weather-strips, bulbs, tyres, batteries, painting and emission valves.

Normal maintenance service required including without limitation, oil and fluid changes, headlights, alignments, fastener re-tightening, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, ignition timing and valve clearance.

Any vehicle that has been neglected, road accident , misused, modified or used for any form of motor sport.

Damage caused by insufficient or improper maintenance (e.g. negligence of the daily and periodic inspection services and Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty maintenance) as described in this Service Booklet and Owner’s Manual installed in the New MITSUBISHI PAJERO SPORT.

Damage caused by using a part not approved by HMFCL and being repaired or replaced by any person or any entity, other than authorized HMFCL-MITSUBISHI dealer.

Any vehicle that has been serviced, assembled, disassembled, adjusted or repaired other than by a Mitsubishi dealer.

Damages caused by external influences such as chemical pollution, acid rain, floods, traffic accident, hail, sand, salt, tree sap, bird droping, stones, fire or disasters whether due to human fault, negligence or act of God.

Normal deterioration, discoloration, fading, flawing or damage to plated parts, paint coat, rubber parts, leather upholstery and soft trim caused by daily use, wear and exposure.

Any natural wear and tear including without limitation to aging, road conditions, etc.


To learn more about our extended warranty programs please contact your nearest dealer.